Quint Sneaker in Natural Canvas
Quint Sneaker in Natural Canvas

Sid Mashburn

Quint Sneaker Natural Canvas

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A very special pair of canvas deck shoes. How special? Well, there's a lot going on under the hood (or below deck, rather) because they're made with vulcanized construction. First, the green sidewall foxing is carefully cut and placed by hand, and then the whole shoe goes into an autoclave a few times. It comes out stronger, denser, and better protected against scrapes — without getting too scientific, vulcanization increases the rubber's elasticity and durability so that it can bend and stretch without losing its shape. (Think Vans, Converse, and the tires on your car… they can withstand a lot.) There's also a natural cork insole, which absorbs sweat well, and a very cool green calendar sole with excellent grip. We named them after the shark hunter from Jaws, another icon of toughness… who also looked super cool in a pair of deck shoes). Each pair comes with two sets of laces, one flat and one round, to swap out as you please.

Color Natural Canvas
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Sid Mashburn Quint Sneaker in Natural Canvas
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