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Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes

"I can’t leave the house without my teeth brushed and my shoes shined." — Sid

Shoes have always been a big deal for us. They're literally a foundational piece... they ground you and set you up for the day. And just like a tree, it's hard to look strong and bear fruit if your roots aren't right. And if you’re going into a formal setting, dress shoes matter.

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, pretty much everything we do is a combination of Italian-English-American…  and we're constantly going back and forth to get the best qualities out of all three of those. The Italian piece is a style thing... the Italians call it 'sprezzatura', but it's really just a bit of your own personality. The English component is all about the construction — the Goodyear welting and the benchmade tradition — and then the American part comes in when you wear it with some ease, when you're comfortable in your own skin. Not too much flash, but not too wallflower, either. It should feel natural.

Our selection is all about classics that will look good now, or 10 years from now: oxfords, double-monks, wingtips, gibsons, bluchers, cap-toes, loafers, Chelsea boots. And we love all these in calfskin, suede, and cordovan, and a variety of colors - autumn brown, dark brown, tobacco, espresso, black… plus the occasional shoe in a loden green suede or dark brown shark skin. We’ve made our own shoes since day one – but we carry a few other brands we love, too. Namely, Edward Green, who have been bench-making shoes in England for over 120 years, and Alden – who made arguably the original tassel loafer in 1950.