Breezy, chilly, cold, raining, sleeting, snowing - regardless of where you live (and the climate), wintertime is the season to be prepared. And so each year we make men’s jackets and men’s coats of all types, and break them down into 5 categories we think every guy should have.

A lightweight, casual jacket for variety: These great for milder days, but also to add a little bit of variety and interest to your look. Think military jacket, an M65, an overshirt, or even a denim jacket or cord jacket. Or, if you’re spending time in the field, a waxed cotton jacket or jackets made by Penfield will help you battle the elements.

A vest, for layering: Tough to find a better layering piece. A down vest is good over a sport shirt for the moderate weather, layered under or on top of a blazer, or in conjunction with a heavier jacket to help counter the extreme.

A men’s trench for all weather:  The trench coat secret weapon of outerwear. First, it's instant extended coverage, because it covers your shoulders down to your knees. Second, it's stylistically versatile, and can go with everything from jeans & Chelsea boots to a tuxedo (plus the silhouette is slimming.) We make a special travelers trench that is water-repellent that folds up and packs within itself.

A filled jacket for hidden warmth: We love goose-down as a filler, and like to carry Kired by Kiton – but we’re reaaalllllyyyy into cashmere insulation. It's an alternative to down or poly-fill, made of recycled cashmere fibers from garments & remnants, and each season we put it in a variety of our jackets, trench coats and vests.

 A men’s topcoat for the occasion: There are few more refined items in menswear than a topcoat. And while you won't need it every day, you'll be glad you have it when the temperature dips on the day of, say, your friend's wedding or an important board meeting. We like them in navy, charcoal, or the classic camel hair