"I can’t leave the house without my teeth brushed and my shoes shined." — Sid

Shoes have always been a big deal for us. They're literally a foundational piece... they ground you and set you up for the day. And just like a tree, it's hard to look strong and bear fruit if your roots aren't right. So safe to say we are passionate about the subject. And when we get dressed in the morning, we love to think about the room we’ll be in, and the people we’ll be around. We think of dressing as a form of manners. So we make and carry a very wide variety of shoes.

We like dress shoes like captoes and wingtips and doublemonks, perfect for the board room or the big occasion. We like casual shoes for the house, the weekend, or vacation… think loafers or sneakers or moccasins. Some guys need to be prepared for the elements – which could require a great pair of elegant-but-rugged boots, or perhaps if elements involve the beach – a pair of well-made leather sandals. We design and make own shoes, but have a sincere affinity for (and carry) stalwart shoe brands like Edward Green, Alden, Clark’s, Blundstone, Barbara Shaum, adidas, Tretorn, and Diadora.

We have a saying that was on the back of our first business cards that said “Vestitum et sanae mentis” which means “Clothed and in his right mind.” And we hope our shoes (and shoe selection) helps a guy achieve that.