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Yes, Sid Mashburn is a real person.

Sid Mashburn in front of the Atlanta store


Sid had always wanted to build a menswear brand. But from the records playing to the rugs underfoot to the ephemera pinned to the moodboard, his dream was as much about the physical space to share it in as the clothing itself. Hospitality, not just design.

We started out with a single men’s shop on the West Side of Atlanta in 2007… right around the time this picture was taken. Since then, we’ve opened five more shops across the US, plus a women’s brand, Ann Mashburn, and the e-commerce site you’re on now. Welcome—we’re glad you’re here.

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Sid Mashburn


Sid Mashburn grew up in small-town Mississippi but began his design career in New York in the mid-1980s, as J.Crew’s first men’s designer. His interest in tailoring and vintage clothing (and love of the hunt) made up for his lack of formal design training, and he designed the brand’s first heritage piece—the Barn Jacket. He was later recruited by Ralph Lauren to join the design team at Polo, and after subsequent stints leading design at Tommy Hilfiger and Lands’ End, it was time to do his own thing.

His wife Ann had been on the editorial side of fashion, working in magazines at Condé Nast (Vogue, Glamour) and then as a stylist at J.Crew. Since meeting in their early 20s, they’d known that whether it was making mix tapes or throwing parties, what they really loved wasn’t just creating things, but sharing them with others. They may not have known it at the time, but they spent the first 20-something years together laying the creative groundwork for a brand of their own.

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Sid Mashburn Tailor


The spirit of what we do is inspired by old-school men’s specialty clothing stores. These shops were a bit exotic — part fraternity house, part museum, with a heavy dose of English gentlemen’s club — and the salesmen were each a cross between a concierge, a style advisor, and a professor, in the know about everything from cars to books to sports to music. They helped you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and served you in a way that was deeply cool.

Each of our shops can be a place to pick up a pair of jeans or get measured for a custom suit. Since day one, our tailors have worked out on the floor, not only for credibility but to elevate the craft. Our back of the house is the front of the house. We think of the shops as places to be, not just to buy. And while we can’t challenge you to ping pong or offer you a Coke on our website, we hope you’ll feel just as welcomed, served, and taken care of.

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Sid Mashburn clothing


Our design philosophy is to make clothes that can take you from Mississippi to Manhattan to Milan—and back again—without looking or feeling out of place. That means everything from sartoriale suits made in Italy (natural shoulder, high armhole, full canvas) all the way down to ring-ring American blue jeans in the perfect slim-straight shape. And we take pride in using the same mills, tanneries, and makers as capital-L-Luxury brands, but taking a more accessible approach to pricing. The result is a mashup of classic American style with Neapolitan ease, Southern hospitality, and a touch of British quirk, with a healthy appreciation for both the high and the low… quintessential menswear that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Our mission is the same as it was back in 2007... to enhance people’s lives through clothes that make them feel great. It's pretty tough to overstate the value of feeling confident in what you’re wearing. So while we’re here for the guys who are “into clothes,” we’re also here for the guys who aren’t. Not everyone needs to geek out about construction or know what a Goodyear-welted pair of shoes is. But everyone does need to get dressed.

Sid always says that you don’t need a lot of choices — you just need the right choices. We’ve done the work to narrow those down, and make them easy, un-intimidating, and even fun. To us, the real win is when a guy comes to us knowing that he has to get dressed… and leaves feeling excited because he wants to get dressed. No matter who you are, at the end of the day, we aim to send you on your way clothed and in your right mind... vestitum et sanae mentis.

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