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Pocket Squares & Bandanas

Pocket Squares & Bandanas

No empty breast pockets, no empty back pockets!

To us, a pocket square completes an outfit, and shares equal billing to a tie. Every guy at our company wears one, every day, so we’re pretty passionate about the topic (including the ways you can fold them), and carry of bunch of options. We love (and carry)  pocket squares by Drake’s or Petronious but also make a wide selection ourselves, from wool / silk pocket squares to hand-rolled pocket squares in solid colors, to more playful ones.

Color-wise, we like looking for a root color that can hook back to your outfit in some way without matching too literally. Too much matching can get a little prommy. The basic rules apply: colors found in nature – blues, greens, browns, heathers – all party pretty well together, while bright colors are usually best as a one-man-band. And beyond colors, there's a whole world of patterns out there. Liberty Fabric prints, geometrics, florals, dots, paisleys, batiks, kilims, foulards. Best rule of the thumb: if there's a pattern that catches your eye and you're not sure how to work it into a more complex outfit, keep it simple. A navy blazer and a solid blue or white shirt is a pretty safe bet. And if you're still having a hard time taking the leap when it comes to print, go with one with a solid outside edge. Then you can show as much (or as little) of the pattern as you'd like.

And it probably won’t come as a surprise we also love a bandana for the back pocket. Sid comes to work every day with one… doesn’t matter if he’s wearing jeans or suit. A bandana is always great to have on hand: crying kid, smudged screen, running nose, impromptu picnic, minor injury, dirty hands, spur-of-the-moment ascot, empty breast pocket... In short, there's a reason people have been carrying handkerchiefs around for the last several centuries. Whether you're employing it for function or fashion (or both,) we’ve always got a slew of cool bandanas cheerful enough to live in the back pocket of your jeans when not in use. Plus, it kinda does what a pocket square does for a tailored suit: act as the bridge that brings your whole look together.