Socks & Underwear

Socks & Underwear

Contrary to popular belief, Sid & the fellas that work at Sid Mashburn actually DO like socks. And we wear them often. (Enough so that Sid wrote an entire column on them.) We like socks because they complement an outfit, and for the more practical reason, keep us warm and protect our feet.

While we do carry casual socks (inspired by JFK, no less), our go-to are dress socks, typically in either silk, or merino wool, and we think the universal best socks for men are OTC (over-the-calf) – but trouser dress socks can work just as well, it just depends on how much leg coverage you like. And for us, the OTC is kind of like “prevent defense.”

We carry socks in a bunch of different colors and patterns, but prefer a quiet color, especially navy or charcoal, because they go with pretty much any color - navy, black, brown, olive – and are great for every occasion, anywhere. We realize grey and navy dress socks aren't the most exciting things to buy, but it's kind of like stocking your pantry with pasta. The simplicity is what makes them essential, and perfect… you'll be happy they are there for you and happy you don't have to think about them.

We love a good sports analogy around these parts, and if you pay any attention to football – the key to any team’s success is often rooted in the blocking-and-tackling, aka the fundamentals. We look at clothing the same way – and there is an importance to the most fundamental clothing items. See no further than what we wear underneath our clothes: underwear & boxers.

Since we take our shirting fabric so seriously...we thought it made sense to apply that same logic to a basic we wear every single day – and make cotton boxers in the same poplin or Liberty print fabric as our shirts. And the result is a cotton boxer that is finer and softer than any we’ve ever seen. They're a true joy to wear, and some of us even schedule our laundry around them.