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Every man needs a good pair of boots (or many pairs of good boots!). We think the right boots can add a sort of elegant ruggedness to the most casual or the most dressy of wardrobes. And whether you are looking for waterproof mens boots, or casual boots for men, or even mens boots that err on the side of fashion – we have all the above, and sometimes all-in-one.

The Chelsea boot is one of our all-time favorite boots, and it goes all the way back to the 1800s. Ours is a little equestrian, a little mod — think English cowboy – and we love it in calfskin and suede and in a bunch of colors. They can go from white jeans all the way up to suit. (Sid even wears black calfskin Chelsea boots with his tuxedo.) We’ve even done Chelsea’s in a sneaker form, too. So yeah – we’re always all-in on Chelsea boots.

For a classic desert boot – another staple for a man’s closet - we love Clarks (their Wallabees, too) and we sort of think of our own chukka as a more refined riff on a desert boot – just as wearable, but a little more grown up. The shape of the toe on ours is a tad narrower (more elegant, we think) and ultimately more flattering on the foot, no matter how you're wearing them.

And if you’re looking for a waterproof boot for the field, we always have a spot in our heart for Blundstone Men’s Boots - our favorite Australian muck boots. Dressed-up, they can go a little polished; in the field (and the mud and the rain) they go rugged. And for us, that's what makes them so cool. And don’t sleep on Alden’s Indy Boot... if you're not familiar, just rent Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, they're rugged, iconic, and incredibly comfortable.