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Mashburn 10 for 10

which means it's been ten whole years of finding, making & sharing the things we ♥. to celebrate, we've rounded up our ten most-loved over the last decade — maybe they're some of yours, too. thank you for making it great.

Navy High-Twist
“If you can only have one suit, you gotta start with one the color of the night sky. The shoulder is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. The high-twist wears well because it's so resilient, travels well because it barely wrinkles, and the wool's got just the right amount of coarseness to make you remember, oh, yeah, this came from a sheep — you can almost feel a little bit of the meadow. I like that it's not too slick, but still dresses you up. And of course, full canvas. I could go on… it's what I wanted to make all along.”

White Hem-Stitch

“What do you gotta know — you could keep one of these in the breast pocket of every jacket you own. The hemstitch is delicate without being precious, and what's cool about it is that the missing threads are the decoration — it's made by what isn't there, rather than what is.”

Pet Sounds

“It feels like us — a super-personal creative effort, scrappy, lots of improvisation (I think they used Coke cans for percussion,) and not exactly a smash hit from day one… we can relate to a slow burn. Also, we played it a lot in the early days. There's not a bad song on there.”

Graph Check

“We can never have enough blues, and the graph is a great non-pattern pattern. And you know the thing about a dress shirt — it's a sport shirt waiting to happen. Take off your tie, roll up your sleeves, and that's it. This one works well both ways.”

Alligator Strap

“The cool thing about alligator is how formal & elegant it can go, while still looking so primitive. I mean, you forget that it's a giant reptile, from a swamp. It's wild! We use an unlacquered brass for our buckle because it looks its best with a little natural tarnish on it — though it carries a polish nicely, too. You can engrave it with your initials, your girlfriend's initials, your dog's name… go crazy.”

African Beads

“Beads are another thing we opened the shop with, and we wear them close to our heart, literally and figuratively. They're more for the wearer. I wear a strand underneath my shirt. They don't last forever, and that's kinda the point — you can string it back up with some dental floss (or get one of your kids to) if you're sentimental.”

Blue End-on-End

“This is one of the most beautiful colors of blue — the end-on-end weave has alternating white and blue threads in the warp, so it's like you can see the clouds coming through the sky. (It also means it can act like a white shirt.) And the modified spread collar is heroic in the best way.”


“These were 5 or 6 years in the making, and really a mashup of our two favorite jeans — a little sexier than 501s but not as fashion-y as APCs. Ring-ring denim, made in the USA, democratic in the best way. You can pack whatever you want on a trip, but you've gotta bring a pair of jeans.”

Navy Knit

“A tie just makes you more ready — for anything — and navy's as versatile as it gets. You've always got room in your luggage for one of these… just roll it up and throw it in (plus it makes a great shoe tree stand-in.)”

Double Monks

“Our very first shoe, on our own last — goes with jeans all the way up to your dressiest suit. The double sole grounds it, the buckles give it some weight, and we designed it with just the right amount of swing around the outside, where the throat comes around to the toe… quietly powerful.”

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