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1.25" Belt in Zebra
1.25" Belt in Zebra


1.25" Belt Zebra Hide

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This is a slightly wilder and slightly wider take on our classic leather belt. We include a simple west end buckle made of unlacquered brass, but the snaps and holes at the end mean that you can easily swap it out for one of our larger buckles — the oval is nice — or one of your own. Each piece is unique because each strap is made from a real zebra (who died of peaceful, natural causes). But not too unique… they’re similar enough that you might match Sid or Ann in one. Both of their zebra belts get a lot of mileage.

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Why we love it

  • swap out the buckle
  • made in the usa
  • in sids closet

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Mashburn 1.25" Belt in Zebra Hide
Regular price $550
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