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What do all the numbers mean?

We organize our tailored clothing into different levels of makes, similar to the way some German automakers have different series of cars.

No. 1

Sport jacket meets outerwear

Our sportiest, most casual make—unconstructed, with no canvas at all.

No. 2

The starter

Our “easy” make, refined yet relaxed, with a lightweight, single-layer canvas. The starter.

No. 3

The workhorse

Our “house” make and the one that started it all, with a structured, 3-layer canvas.

No. 4

The upgrade

Our sarto make, with more handwork and a more natural, lightweight-yet-dense 2-layer canvas.

No. 5

The top of the line

True sarto, with the same canvas as the No. 4, but completely handmade.

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