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You Need This... I Promise

The Christmas List

Putting together a Christmas list for my December post has become a bit of a tradition. This year I am getting started earlier than ever and listing not just the gifts I want to give… but the gifts I want to GET. Kind of a “one for me, one for you” list. Every year I tell my girls and Sid, “I just want to be together for the holiday, I don’t need anything,” and I really really mean it. But then about 5 days before Christmas, all the buying for everyone else gets me a little jealous. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind a new XYZ. And the ABC I’m getting for her looks really nice.” So I’m doing ALL of us a favor this year and getting ahead of it. Family, here you go.

1. Another tradition in our house is TO GIVE new pajamas for Christmas. I used to sew them when the girls were tiny, just as my grandmother used to sew them for me. These are a million times better than my slapdash, last-minute, swearing-at-the-sewing-machine-after-pulling-the-thread-out-of-the-needle-for-the-tenth-time home sewing job. My daughters love the pants and even wear them out of the house sometimes.

2. … but I want TO GET the Lena slip and robe to match. Nothing screams fancy like a matching set.

3. Cashmere socks for all. Another big hit in my house – we wear them with Birkenstocks and clogs in the winter. Pink TO GIVE, grey TO GET.

4. Resurfacing mask. I wish I could use this all over my body. Who wouldn’t want TO GET resurfaced? Do you think they have one for the mind as well?

5. TO GET: Bath for the Senses. I have a bath every single night. I love all of the Susanne Kaufman products and I love the story of her company and the Alpine botanical ingredients formulated with family recipes handed down from her grandmother.

6. Girls, are you reading this? I could also use a replen of my SK undereye serum. I am not even sure what it does but it feels fantastic and I want TO GET more! Hoping that it makes me look a little younger, but my eyes are so bad I can’t tell…

7. Speaking of botanicals. I would love TO GIVE a few on my list these scented palets. They make such a nice hostess gift… and I love the idea that someone might smell them when they open their closet or drawer and think of me. (Wait... maybe this IS a gift for me!)

8. I also want this TO GET but it would make a great gift. The black cell phone bag is minimal and chic and SO useful. We just had our company holiday party this week with a disco party that was pretty sensational. This little bag would have been perfect to hold my phone while I danced.

9. One more TO GET for my daily routine. It has finally gotten super cold this week and walking the dog every day means I truly need a hat… my navy beanie from a few years ago is due for an update. I am kind of crazy about the pale blue... but I am also torn between the fair isle pattern and the one with the fur pom pom. How to decide? I’ll let the girls figure it out.

10. Every year we carry the best, grooviest candles for the tabletop… I would love TO GET some. Misette makes these beautiful hand-painted squiggly ones but maybe my family might think I need the twisted ones from WAX Atelier for how “twisted” I can get. I love how these will look in very traditional silver holders.

11. And on the subject of candles TO GIVE. Every year I wrap at the literal last minute. This year I am going to do my future self a favor and grab several of our candles (every single scent is fab) because we PRE-WRAPPED them in the most glorious cool paper with matches to match. I need a dozen or so to keep in my gift closet (and by that I mean the shelf under the Dyson attachments and the birdseed…)

12. Speaking of birdseed. I already snagged the birdcall set TO GIVE to my daughter last year, so this year I want TO GET it myself. I played the oboe in 5th grade and never really mastered it, but what if this could be my real instrument?

13. TO GET. This zebra tray. I love just a little dash of animal print in the house. I have a few faux zebra rugs and this little tray would be perfect.

14. TO GIVE. Fingerless gloves. These would be an excellent choice for my daughters who all text incessantly in our family group chat. They give off a great Oliver Twist vibe… this red is really awesome.

15. The alternative TO GIVE is these beautiful ribbed mitten-y ones. Kind of like a turtleneck for your wrists.

16. This ask is for you, Sid. I really need TO GET this very cool black Herno coat. Very jetset looking – I can imagine myself wearing it to deboard a private plane at a ski resort. ‘Imagine’ being the key word here.

17. And since our anniversary is on December 5, maybe I won’t need to wait til Christmas TO GET these earrings. What do you think?

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