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Cashmere-Ribbed Wristwarmer in Heather

Ann Mashburn

Cashmere-Ribbed Wristwarmer Heather

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Do your hands ever get so cold that you can't think straight, but you still want to be able to type and snack and use your phone? Wristwarmers take the fingerless glove concept one step further by keeping the thumb hole, but leaving the rest of your knuckles free for extra movement. This pair is made of cashmere in Scotland (and by 'made,' we mean dyed, carded, spun, woven, knit, and hand-finished) at a heritage mill that's been operating for more than two centuries.

Color Heather
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Ann Mashburn Cashmere-Ribbed Wristwarmer in Heather
Regular price $95
Unit price  per