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About Ann

Yes, Ann Mashburn is a real person.


Ann opened her shop and her collection in 2010. But the story actually begins a few years earlier in 2007, when she and her husband Sid opened a men’s shop on the West Side of Atlanta. From the records playing to the rugs underfoot to the ephemera pinned to the moodboard, their dream was as much about the physical space to share it in as the clothing itself. Hospitality, not just design.

When a space opened up next door, she opened her own tiny women’s shop with a few racks of menswear inspired, made-like-the-Sid-ones shirting, blue jeans, some espadrilles, and not a whole lot else. It was intended as a small collection of nearly-perfect things, curated from a fashion editor’s point of view… the feminine version of what Sid was doing. Since then, we’ve opened in a few more cities as well as the e-commerce site you’re on now. Welcome — we're glad you're here.

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Ann started her career on the editorial side of fashion at Conde Nast. She served as an assistant to famed Vogue fashion editor and stylist Polly Mellen, which meant lots of running around and schlepping samples, but also working on photo shoots with some of the greats: Richard Avedon and Irving Penn on one side of the camera, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford on the other (to name a few). She left Vogue to serve as Glamour's fashion editor, and then as a stylist at J.Crew a few years later. Ann took a break from the world of tearsheets and photo shoots to raise her daughters, but jumped back in when she and Sid moved to Atlanta to open the shop in 2007.

Sid was also in the fashion industry, working as a designer (J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lands’ End.) Since meeting in their early 20s, they’d known that whether it was making mix tapes or throwing parties, what they really loved wasn’t just creating things, but sharing them with others. They may not have known it at the time, but they spent the first 20-something years together laying the creative groundwork for a brand of their own.

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Each of the shops is an extension of Ann’s closet… in fact, more than a few pieces of furniture came directly from her house. Each store is a little different — sisters, not twins — but you’ll find the same sense of intimacy and hospitality at all of them, with a staff that’s just as interested in why you're shopping as in what you're shopping for. They’re warm, chic, experienced, and honest (a rare combination,) and truly here to help you look great… and feel great. It doesn’t just end at the dress, or the pair of shoes that you walk out with. For us, that connection with people is what our shops have always been about. We think of them as places to be, not just to buy.

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We like to think that we design clothes that make women feel like the best versions of themselves. What does that look like? Crisp woven shirts made just like our men’s ones. Elevated yet everyday tees in soft cotton jersey. Ladylike blouses made of luxe 40momme silk that’s weighty yet seasonless (and feels really good against the skin). Our bestselling, French-inspired and Italian-made Buckle Shoe in a rainbow of suedes, skins, and textiles. The chicest possible version of an elastic-waist pant.

We take pride in using the same mills, tanneries, and makers as capital-L-Luxury brands, but taking a more accessible approach to pricing. The products we make are high-quality and relatively timeless, intended to be worn and loved for many years, not just a season or two. It’s truly a fashion editor’s selection: heavy on the classics, but with enough of-the-moment fashion to delight... and then let you get on with your day.

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The editorial half of Ann’s career left her with quite a few tricks: how to fill your closet with just the right ratio of basics (not boring) to special (not weird), and how to find the fantastic among the just so-so. She knew she could share what she’d learned, not just from working as a fashion editor, but from raising five daughters. And when the store first opened, she was on the sales floor every day doing exactly that.

Every other week, Ann writes a column to share the imagination and inspiration behind the pieces we make. Each post is centered on a specific item she’s digging… the purpose it serves, the memory it evokes, the aesthetic fantasy it conjures up, the technical detail that makes it so special. The things she’d tell you in person if she could, just like she did in the early days. It’s a way to share the stories behind the things that make her say, "you just may need this, I promise."

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