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Peanuts! Playing cards! Lighters! And yes, axes! Sid and Ann always keep an eye out for the best stuff, and have curated quite the assortment of the unexpected over the years.

Our friend Tyler from Misc. Goods Co. makes a killer deck of playing cards, from the gold-embossed details on the front, to the high-quality Bee Paper cardstock. Pick up a few and keep them around – they make for a great housewarming gift, or just keep a deck in your bag for an impromptu round of Gin Rummy (you never know.)

Sid introduced Hub’s Peanuts to the shops in 2019 and they quickly became a store team favorite. They’re family owned, make for an interesting gift, and they’re really delicious.

Finally, our Gransfors Bruks wildlife axes are a delightfully unexpected addition to our assortment (and a major conversation starter in our shops.) These premium axes have been made in Sweden with unmatched craftsmanship since 1902. Come in for a dress shirt, leave with a hatchet and a tin of peanuts. Variety is the spice of life.