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YOLO Journal - Issue No. 14

Yolanda Edwards

YOLO Journal Issue No. 14

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Our favorite independent travel quarterly is named after founder Yolanda Edwards, who's spent a career at the top of mastheads as a travel and lifestyle editor, most recently at Conde Nast Traveler. It's a collection of stories and pictures from well-traveled people, each with a great eye and interesting perspective. And don't toss it after a month like a normal magazine... this one's worthy enough to keep on the bookshelf. Collect them all. YOLO says it best: “Our Fall 2023 Adventure issue takes us across the Atlantic in a sailboat and around Scotland and the American Southwest in a car; surfing in Sri Lanka, safari in Kenya, and skiing (plus aperitivo) in Cortina. But there are unexpected expeditions too: a candlelit Egyptian oasis hotel, a rugged lake region in Northern Greece, and Rome’s lesser-known museums full of shadowy masterpieces. Plus, stylish luggage that can go the distance.”

Volume Issue No. 14
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Yolanda Edwards YOLO Journal in Issue No. 14
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