Frederic Magazine - Issue No. 9


Frederic Magazine Issue No. 9

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Much more than just another shelter magazine, Frederic is a four-times-a-year lifestyle publication led by Dara Caponigro, Creative Director of Schumacher. It's named for the founder of F. Schumacher & Co. and filled with interior and garden design, architecture, entertaining, art, color trends, gift guides, and more. This issue is all about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, featuring designers like Hanna Seabrook, Allegra Aifler, Georgia Tapert Howe, and Alfredo Paredes. The cover features a kitchen by two of our Atlanta favorites: architect D. Stanley Dixon and designer Carolyn Malone.

Volume Issue No. 9
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Schumacher Frederic Magazine in Issue No. 9
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