Room Spray in Ambre


Room Spray Ambre

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For a lot of people, Diptyque makes the quintessential “status candle” — their entire product line is storied, French, and beautifully packaged. Of course, it all smells pretty fantastic, too. Ambre is warm and woody, with notes of precious balms and spices. The room spray is designed to be used alone or in tandem with its corresponding candle. It can perfume an entire room, but you can also mist it on a more targeted area like a suitcase, a closet, or even your curtains.

Scent Ambre
  • Room Spray in Baies Baies
  • Room Spray in Figuier Figuier
  • Room Spray in Ambre Ambre
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Diptyque Room Spray in Ambre
Regular price $72
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