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Scented Oval in Roses


Scented Oval Roses

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For a lot of people, Diptyque makes the quintessential “status candle” — their entire product line is storied, French, and beautifully packaged. Of course, it all smells pretty fantastic, too. Their scented ovals are designed to perfume confined spaces like drawers, closets, and powder rooms. (A few brave souls at the office like to hang them from their rearview mirrors in the cooler months as air fresheners, but Diptyque advises against putting these in cars, as they're best kept out of direct sunlight.) Roses is a soft and floral scent of — what else? — early summer rosebushes.

Scent Roses
  • Scented Oval in Baies Baies
  • Scented Oval in Figuier Figuier
  • Scented Oval in Roses Roses
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  • really good gift
  • made in france

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Diptyque Scented Oval in Roses
Regular price $60
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