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Magazine B - Porsche

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Magazine B Porsche

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Seoul-based Magazine B is all about “deep dives on the brands that dominate our lives.” Heavy! But also very cool! Each issue is 130+ ad-free pages dedicated to a single brand from an independent perspective, enriched by fantastic photography and graphics. Think of it as a documentary in print form that also looks great on the coffee table. Issue 70 explores the world of Porsche, “a brand that has marked many well-known turning points in the history of automobiles. Being the expensive dream car of every man in the world, with its price as lofty as its stature, Porsche is a brand that not many people (considering its reputation) have had the pleasure of a hands-on experience. For most, it’s a brand that is more familiar as a poster that decorated their walls as youths. Needless to say, the name is synonymous with 'success,' or the journey to it... Fans describe the Porsche 911 Carrera as a practical sports car you can drive to work every day. In other words, along with the superior performance of a sports car, it also provides the comfort of a sedan. I believe that this sensibility — the exquisite balance between an ideal and reality — is the unique quality that makes Porsche the celebrated brand that it is today. In that sense, Porsche is not only a technology company manufacturing and selling high-performance vehicles, but is also a quintessential marketing agency that designs human desire.”

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