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Magazine B - IKEA

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Magazine B IKEA

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Seoul-based Magazine B is all about “deep dives on the brands that dominate our lives.” Heavy! But also very cool! Each issue is 130+ ad-free pages dedicated to a single brand from an independent perspective, enriched by fantastic photography and graphics. Think of it as a documentary in print form that also looks great on the coffee table. Issue 63 explores the world of IKEA, "a veritable empire in home furnishings. In influence, no other brand has permeated so deeply into the lifestyles of people of all genders, income levels, occupations, not to mention places of residence. In level of brand affinity, the company can be compared to Starbucks and Google... What enabled Ikea’s rise to fame from modest beginnings as a wholesale furniture operation in the small town of Älmhult in southern Sweden? Many would agree that the brand’s democratic ideals were key. After all, democracy is about giving power to the people. And what drives Ikea is not a focus on brand power but a belief in the power and potential? of people — those who use Ikea products and come to share in its culture. From the giant warehouse-model stores and at pack packaging to the continuously updated assembly methods and practicality-first designs, all of the brand’s defining features reflect a wholly user-focused approach."

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B Media Company Magazine B in IKEA
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