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Escorial Wool

Escorial wool, a cut-above alternative to cashmere, comes from a super-rare type of sheep originally kept by Spanish royalty. Soft and supple, with springy coiled fibers that naturally resist wrinkling, Escorial is remarkable for its longevity —  in other words, it looks really great for a really long time. It’s currently produced by a single mill, and sourced from the only direct descendants of the original Escorial flock, which are now bred in small pockets of Australia and New Zealand. Talk about special.

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Tana Lawn® Liberty Fabric

Liberty Fabrics has been producing some of our favorite prints since 1875. Their signature Tana Lawn® quality is fine, cool, and especially soft. While it's woven from ultra-fine, long-staple Egyptian cotton, it almost behaves like silk, with a lightweight drape and beautiful color vibrancy. In their own words, it's “a fabric built by obsession, perfected into a modern masterpiece of production through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century.” Each print is hand-drawn or painted by their London-based design team, then applied to fabric at Liberty's own printing mill in Northern Italy.

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High Twist Wool

We used this English high-twist wool for the very first suit we ever made. It’s fine and smooth and a little bit crunchy, with a slightly open (read: breathable) weave because the yarns are twisted more tightly than in a typical worsted. That also gives it excellent bounce-back. You have to work pretty hard to wrinkle it — and even when you do, a quick overnight hang will usually have it looking fresh again — so it’s especially good for travel. Between the resilience and the breathability, it’s a true 365-days-a-year fabric.

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Cellulare – pronounced ‘chell-you-lah-ray’ – is one of our favorite warm-weather fabrics from Italy. Lightweight and airy, it’s a super special, open weave that can look like honeycomb, latticework, or a cellular network up close. Cellulare naturally leans more casual, but can also be dressed up on occasion. We recommend hang-drying to preserve the openness of the weave and prevent too much shrink.

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