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Field Guide - The Moon


Field Guide The Moon

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Imagine having a hip, in-the-know friend in every city you wanted to visit. And imagine that he's excited when you say, “hey, I'm going to be in town for a few days; anything I shouldn't miss?” So excited, in fact, that he riffs for 145 entire pages about secret spots, local intel, insider trivia, and hot tips that you'd never have known otherwise. Anyway, that's kind of what a Wildsam Field Guide feels like… except that in this case, that friend would have to be an alien, because this particular edition is their first-ever guide to another planet. In Wildsam’s words: “For all of human history, the Moon has captured the world's imagination. In this tribute volue, Wildsam explores the shared wonder of our celestial neighbor via archival storytelling, astronomical insight, essays, interviews and more.”

Volume The Moon
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Wildsam Field Guide in The Moon
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