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Candle Snuffer in Silver


Candle Snuffer Silver

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For a lot of people, Diptyque makes the quintessential “status candle” — their entire product line is storied, French, and beautifully packaged. And if you're going to make the investment, you want it to last. A snuffer can help. Blowing out a candle can splatter the wax, disrupt the melt pattern, and even cause it to burn unevenly in the future, so while it's definitely not a necessity, snuffing really can extend the life of your candle. It's made of zamac, a zinc-based alloy that won't get too hot or tarnish in the flame, and ergonomically designed with a flexible top that can reach any wick. And it feels nice in your hand. (Also, looks nice if you leave it out on the coffee table.)

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  • really good gift
  • made in france

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Diptyque Candle Snuffer in Silver
Regular price $40
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