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Magazine F - Tools

B Media Company

Magazine F Tools

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Seoul-based Magazine B is all about “deep dives on the brands that dominate our lives” and Magazine F is their food-centric spinoff. Each issue is 130+ ad-free pages dedicated to a single food ingredient and enriched by fantastic photography and graphics. Think of it as a documentary in print form that also looks great on the coffee table. Issue 20 focuses on kitchen tools... how various implements are “invented, manufactured and used to help us turn ingredients into meals.” Knives, pots, pans, meters, and all kinds of other non-edible kitchen essentials are covered here in all kinds of materials: wood from Kuramoto, iron from the Netherton Foundry, silicon from Joseph Joseph, stainless steel from Yoshita Handi Design Studio, and lots more.

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B Media Company Magazine F in Tools
Regular price $27
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